Extremely Loud, Incredibly close , The Wondering Soul

Extremely Loud, Incredibly close movie

About a child’s father death in 9/11 NYC IWTC tragedy 

The Wondering Soul

Fear from future! FFF

Scare to death STD

Control and dictate your fate  

Accepting the fact of Losing your father

Burning after Death, no body, Burying an empty box

It doesn’t make sense

Mother, Where were you in that worst day to stop it from happening?

Father left a Key in an envelope written on it  “Mr Black”

Start searching for the Lock to open with this key!

Mr Black found, and the key was belonging for Mr Black’s father and it opens a deposit safe

6 bergs

A recorded voice message from his father in the answering machine while he was dying in his office “Asking him to lift the handset to talk to him” but he did not since he was scared to death

I was trying to make my father proud, and this is What I have done ….


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