The Unknown Blueprint of the Human Body


We are at an extraordinary juncture in human history where we are becoming ever more
aware of critical aspects of our innate design. Insights from both the scientific and
esoteric traditions are being confirmed regarding our physical reality that are, in a word,
“astonishing.” It’s like we’re awakening from a very long nap and slowly remembering
who we really are!


For example, it has finally become widely accepted that what appears to be solidity of
matter is actually mostly empty space (a whopping 99% in fact). Quantum physicists
discovered that in the subatomic world, particles are not even predictably patterned
constructs at all but waves of light energy of varying frequencies (this is what I refer to
throughout this book as “light quotient.”) Today, science recognizes that matter is light
which only appears to be solid. This is radically different to what was commonly
accepted just a few years ago.
Another mind-blowing realization comes from research into human DNA which reveals
that what has been traditionally referred to as “junk DNA” is actually a very critical part
of our genetic make-up that has merely been rendered “obsolete” by our lack of
understanding and use.


The good news is that what these new findings (which are not “new” per se to the
universe, just to us as they have simply gone unrecognized until now) unmask is that we
are powerful in ways we have only daydreamed about. Our full, original blueprint which
we still carry, albeit in a dormant state (the part that has been labeled, “junk DNA”),
contains codes that enable us to reawaken to a much richer potential.
Curiously, two of the most fundamental elements of our world – our human DNA
blueprint and the building blocks of atoms – are radically different than what we thought
they were just a few years ago. It is these findings about our sub-atomics and our DNA
that, combined, become the guiding force of The New Energy Body.
These new understandings have changed everything, calling for nothing short of a
complete re-evaluation of how we perceive ourselves, our world, our abilities and our
future. This new perspective ripples through our relationship to the universe, how we
treat, heal and feed our bodies and how we interface with all life on our planet.
What is The New Energy Body?
I call the state of being that we embody when we awaken the dormant DNA in our cells
and raise the “light –quotient” of our sub-atomics “The New Energy Body.” It literally
draws a line in the sand between what we once perceived as our energy source and what
we will now perceive as our energy source. We are at a crossroads – the opportunity to
take the path of awakening the new energy body and leaving the old energy body – an
outdated way of seeing, being and connecting behind. The old energy body is a body


seeped in density, burdened by existence, relationships, fears and premature aging. The
New Energy Body is a body that has been “enlightened” literally and figuratively.
There are 12 stages I have identified, which when used together, awaken The New
Energy Body. I call them the “12 Sacred Stages” and you will be led through them
stageby-stage in Part II. Just as the old matter from food and environmental toxins can be
cleared from our cells through our elimination channels, these steps can likewise cleanse
the obstructions from our emotional and psychological lives that may be preventing us
reaching our full potential.

As you will see, creating the New Energy Body is the ultimate detox process because it
cleanses us of the density that prevents us from living in our wholeness – our whole joy,
full energy and full power! When we are swimming in the toxicity of the modern
lifestyle (negativity, fear and aggravation in addition to the obvious food wastes and
pollution), we are an obstacle unto ourselves. We cannot see clearly enough to guide
ourselves, much less lead others (including our children). Once the layers of density
embedded in our physical cells and our emotional body are removed we can finally see
our selves, our surroundings and our full potential clearly. It’s like the light gets switched
on in our proverbial “living room.”
Those of you who have read my other books and are familiar with the dietary “transition”
I advise might find it helps to apply this same approach to this process. It really should be
approached as a transition too – in this case, transitioning from beings who struggle, get

fat and age prematurely to beings filled with bliss who can finally have access to
information that will liberate them to be masters of themselves and ultimately of
whatever they wish to create.
In a very real way we go from being “merely human” and in some cases “sub-human” to
“super-human.” It’s a simple case of evolution: we have suffered a mutation in our
growth by these unprecedented modern factors and now we need to realign ourselves and
correct the mutations so that we may flower into our full vitality and beauty.
Natalia Rose
June 12, 2007
New York City


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