Thinkwell: Calculus Course with Edward Burger


Thinkwell: Calculus Course with Edward Burger
En | 5 ISO CD | 2.96 GB
Genre: Video Training

Thinkwell’s Calculus with Edward Burger lays the foundation for success because, unlike a traditional textbook, students actually like using it. Thinkwell works with the learning styles of students who have found that traditional textbooks are not effective.
Watch one Thinkwell video lecture and you’ll understand why Thinkwell works better.

Table of Contents
1. The Basics
2. Limits
3. An Introduction to Derivatives
4. Computational Techniques
5. Special Functions
6. Implicit Differentiation
7. Applications of Differentiation
8. Curve Sketching
9. The Basics of Integration
10. Applications of Integration
11. Calculus I Review
12. Math Fun
13. An Introduction to Calculus II
14. L’Hopital’s Rule
15. Elementary Functions and Their Inverses
16. Techniques of Integration
17. Improper Integrals
18. Applications of Integral Calculus
19. Sequences and Series
20. Differential Equations
21. Parametric Equations and Polar Coordinates
22. Vector Calculus and the Geometry of R2 and R3
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