SonicWALL is now Dell SonicWALL

On the 13th March 2012, Dell announced their intent to acquire SonicWALL®. We are pleased to announce Dell’s acquisition of SonicWALL is now closed in the US. In Europe, we will be completing the acquisition over the coming months, in compliance with local laws and regulations.

SonicWALL is now Dell SonicWALL. This acquisition holds incredible promise for our customers as it opens up new opportunities for rapid growth of the company and advancement of our solutions. You should expect us to become even more visible and we hope you’ll see us in many more articles like this Next-Generation Firewall Comparison test from Network World in which SuperMassive outperformed competitive devices.

Over the past three years, Dell has taken significant steps to develop its software and services portfolio and help customers keep up with demands like cloud computing, consumerization of the enterprise and the increasing demands for secure, anytime, anywhere access to application and data.

Dell is committed to investing in the future of Dell SonicWLL’s product lines. As a result, you will continue to see new and leading-edge Network Security and Data Protection solutions from Dell SonicWALL. Our expanded infrastructure will deliver even greater support for our customers. With all of our employees remaining at the company, the way you do business with Dell SonicWALL will be no different from what you are accustomed to.


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