World’s largest mural unveiled in Dubai

The largest mural in the world has been unveiled in Dubai’s Gloria Hotel this week and is to be recorded in the Guinness Book of Records.

Entitled ‘Caravan of Women’, the giant painting by Lebanese artist Souheil Madi is said to cover 1700 sq m on the roof of the 8th floor of the Sheikh Zayed Road hotel.

Visible from high altitudes, it represents the camel caravans which used to pass through the Arabian Peninsula desert with women on board, and is meant to honor mothers, wives, daughters and sisters.

Artist Madi said the painting was completed in a record timeframe of about 100 hours.

“Finishing this painting took nearly 100 hours of work, which is record to paint a mural the size of a football field. I drew the painting using a small paint brush and with the help of only one associate artist selected from my students,” he said.

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