Jordanians protest ‘procrastination’ on reform

photo_1332523453361-1-2-Quicklook.jpgA protest rally in Amman

Hundreds of Jordanians demonstrated on Friday against what they charged was “procrastination” on reform in the country, as opposition Islamists vowed to continue their protests.

“Stop procrastinating on reform — Jordan needs reform. The people want to reform the regime and put the corrupt on trial,” chanted more than 700 people as they marched in central Amman, waving national and Muslim Brotherhood flags.

“Procrastinating on reform will not help the regime and will not help the nation,” Jamil Abu Baker, Jordan’s Muslim Brotherhood spokesman, told AFP.

“We demand an elected government, a genuine fight against corruption and the security service being prevented from interfering in people’s lives. These are the essentials of reform.”

Abu Baker said “protests will not stop, even if they take years, until the people feel real reforms are introduced.”

Similar protests took place in other parts of the kingdom.

Jordan has seen relatively small but persistent Arab Spring-inspired demonstrations almost every week since January last year, demanding sweeping reforms and a tougher clampdown on corruption.

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